I love creative writing! But it’s not all about the creative flow that can grab and hook the reader, I need to get under the skin of my client and my client’s audience. Why? Google Algorithms, that’s why. Google picks up on keywords that are researched by YOUR prospective client. We geeks call it SEO “search engine optimisation” – just means that if I’m searching the “engine” (that will probably be Google in my case) for say, help with a legal problem, you, as my client, require keywords leaping out in your copy (both on your webpage but also on your blogs, newsletters, social media threads). What kind of law do you service? Why are you different? How can we drill down in the keyword search. This could be PERSONAL INJURY for RETAIL WORKERS in SOUTH WEST LONDON. Just a quick example, but you know what I mean!

Half Day from £250

Full day from £495

Social Media Management

Who doesn’t engage in social media in some form nowadays? We are endlessly fishing the internet searching for news, tips, events, offers, updates, comparisons, jokes, prices…the list is endless. Traditional print is becoming retro! Social media marketing is effective and important for your business to thrive (and in some cases, survive). The reach and interaction using social media in business can be phenomenal and by using social media your brand is able to reach further, generate more leads and ultimately convert by using content (inc Google Keywords), visuals and researched audience. It’s not just a time constraint (although that is a huge factor)…it’s the fact that social media has to be managed wisely. Let’s have a chat and see how best to get this side of your marketing moving.

Professional Social Media Marketing Messaging

Every social media management package I offer has the option of taking out Ads for targeted campaigns.

Proofreading and Editing

If you like writing yourself, but are rubbish at spelling, grammar and projecting your words correctly, I am the Grammar Police at your service. Maybe your budget doesn’t stretch to having copy written for you, or you have written down the premise to build around but aren’t sure of understanding SEO and your grammar is appalling – get in touch! Something I weirdly enjoy doing.

Half Day from £180

Full Day from £395

Elaine catapulted in and helped us with our brand awareness. As the Business Development and Marketing Manager, she was able to work out a marketing strategy that encompassed SEO content for our new website, social media scheduling, CRM effectiveness, lead generation through business development, whilst publishing monthly newsletters. Elaine is a tenacious and focused individual who listens to the needs of businesses and delivers with a smile!

Director of Allsquare Law

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