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The team at Full Potential Group have become accredited in Motivational Maps, courtesy of James Sale, and the team at Aspirin. James is the creator of Motivational Maps and the founder of Motivational Maps Ltd. He is a speaker, writer and thought leader in the worldwide movement to transform how management works by enabling the top-down control model to be superseded by a dynamic, bottom-up, engagement focused approach. His book, Mapping Motivation, explains how to do this by specifically addressing the question of employee motivation and its correlation with performance, productivity and profitability.

To create faster and sustainable growth there requires a win:win – a strategy that works for the business AND that people want to deliver.  Full Potential Group takes pride in its brand, company and the clients it work for.  By using the Motivational Maps diagnostic tool a deep insight surrounding the motivation of individuals, teams and whole organisations can be processed and measured.

It’s a simple, but clever, online questionnaire that takes just 10 minutes to complete. The tool maps exactly what motivates the individuals and teams, and measures their motivation levels.

By applying that data to the company, its strategy, business objectives and individual job roles it can help individuals feel motivated by and committed to the purpose of the organisation, aligned to their team and line manager and engaged by their contribution.

Imagine an organisation where everyone is engaged and motivated

James asks “Business – Can you picture this? Working in an organisation where more than 80% of the employees are engaged and feeling motivated in their roles? Where teams show up dedicated to the same work goals and can’t bear to miss a day of work because they enjoy the power of sharing their ideas and achieving more! Now consider:-

  • How much more productivity would be taking place in such a team or organisation?
  • What level of satisfaction, creativity and support would that team be experiencing?
  • How would this impact on profitability and performance?”

“Are you looking to introduce strategies to empower performance, productivity and profitability. Do you have the 3 P’s?Motivational Maps will help you shift thinking into ‘possibilities’ by:

  • understanding people better
  • creating a motivating vision and business strategyMotivational Maps
  • embedding motivation into companies, through values, culture and language
  • developing change management programmes
  • having powerful conversations about what motivates and demotivates us
  • improving performance when used as a coaching tool
  • pre-empting difficult conversations and help resolve misunderstanding
  • encouraging individuals to take responsibility for motivating themselves using the strategies in the report”

Carole Gaskell, founder of Full Potential Group and I are thrilled to receive top HR and L&D Directors to our complimentary business breakfast on 17 March 2016 at Asia House, New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP from 8:30 to 11am.  The breakfast will encompass Mapping Motivation and we are delighted James Sale will be our guest speaker.   Spaces are limited so if you wish to register, please do so here : http://www.fullpotentialgroup.co.uk/Full-Potential-Group-events