My name is Elaine

and the name Pickled Ginger sums me up


About Me

I’m a copywriter, proof reader and editor having attended a grammar school (ie you can take the girl out of the grammar school but you can’t take the grammar out of the girl) and working in PR, marketing and the legal profession for all my working life (that’s a long time) I have WORDS and CREATIVITY coursing through my SEO blood!

I have been heavily involved in understanding that digital marketing is key to navigating the online marketing presence for businesses and professions. I love that I can write targeted Email messages through the likes of MailChimp, Buffer and Hootsuite.

My Skills

I’ve worked with lawyers, webdesigners, property developers, debt collectors (yes you did read that correctly), construction giants, confectioners, beauty & health retailers, accountants and I’m often a ghostly presence via my white labelling offering too.

A Natural Flair

Elaine has a natural flair when it comes to marrying business development and marketing and her content creation skills are second to none. For blog posts, white papers, features and newsletters that are engaging, Elaine is one of the best in the industry. Her content is clear, on message and free of jargon and with first class social media skills and a comprehensive understanding of MailChimp, I would have no hesitation in recommending Elaine and believe she could be the biggest asset you have.

Independent PR Consultant

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